DDR3 Products

Montage provides JEDEC compliant DDR3 Register Buffer and DDR3 Memory Buffer (MB). The two buffer products can be used on Registered Dual Inline Memory Modules (RDIMMs) and Load-Reduced Dual Inline Memory Modules (LRDIMMs) respectively to enable high speed, high performance and low power consumption for the memory solutions applied in various server and cloud computing environments.DDR3 Product List

DDR3 Register Buffer for RDIMM

Montage’s DDR3 Register Buffer M88SSTE32882 is compliant with JEDEC SSTE32882 spec and supports speed of up to DDR3-1866 at 1.5V. This register is designed for use in RDIMMs to deliver high-speed memory solutions for the high performance server platforms.

DDR3 Memory Buffer for LRDIMM

The DDR3 Memory Buffer (MB) M88MB6000 is designed for use on Load Reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs). The chip buffers Command, Address, Control, Clock and Data signals to reduce the data electrical load at the memory controller interface, thus providing improved DPC (DIMMs per Channel) capability along with faster speed and higher density than capable on a standard RDIMM.

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