DDR5 Products

Montage provides high performance, low power DDR5 solutions for the next generation memory modules, including registered dual inline memory modules (RDIMMs) and load-reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs), to enable advancements in storage performance, scalability and power efficiency in data center server and cloud computing applications.DDR5 Product List

DDR5 Registering Clock Driver (RCD) for RDIMM

Montage has introduced the new-generation DDR5 Registering Clock Driver (RCD) that supports both RDIMM and LRDIMM modes for use in the next generation of server platforms. The DDR5 RCD is compliant with JEDEC specifications. It can be used independently as a central buffer on DDR5 DIMM to enable high capacity and very high operation speed for the memory system of high-end servers.

For further information about the product, please contact Montage sales at [email protected]

DDR5 Product List

Part No. Description Application
M88DR5RCD01 DDR5 Registering Clock Driver (RCD) DDR5 DIMM
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