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M88MB3000 - DDR2 Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB)

M88MB3000 is an Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) used as a key device in FBDIMMs (Fully Buffered DIMMs). It is compliant with the JEDEC AMB specification, providing high-capacity, high-performance memory solutions for demanding applications such as servers and work stations.

The FBDIMMs connect to each other, as well as connect to the memory controller, using a high-speed, serial and point-to-point architecture. M88MB3000 is the heart of this architecture. Located on each of the FBDIMMs, M88MB3000 handles the FBDIMM channel and memory requests to and from the local DIMM, and forwards the requests to the next DIMM or the memory controller. This channel structure increases speed, capacity and reliability of the memory, thus eliminates the memory bottleneck, to a certain extent, in those applications that requires high-performance memory.

The memory interface of M88MB3000 can support speed up to DDR2-800. Its FBDIMM channel interface enables bit rate at 3.2, 4.0 or 4.8 Gbps. Besides these features, M88MB3000 also provides a low power consumption level (< 3.5 W in active mode).


Compliant with JEDEC specifications

3.2, 4.0 or 4.8 Gbps FBD channel bit rate

Speed up to DDR2-800

Quad rank support

Dual DDR2 I/O voltage support (1.8V / 1.55V)

Support the following features/modes

All fail-over modes
Repeater mode
Recalibrate state
Voltage margin test

Support the following optional features

12-lane northbound non-ECC
L0s low power state
Data mask
Variable read latency
Timing margin test

Include the following Design for Test features

MemBIST engine for DIMM defects detecting
IBIST engine for interconnect testing at DIMM or system level
Transparent mode for DRAM testing

FBD configuration register set supported

Green package: 655-pin FCBGA (Flip-Chip)

Power supply: 1.5V, 1.8V and 3.3V

Low power consumption (< 3.5 W in active mode)



Networking equipment

Storage systems

High-end desktop computers

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